ICE! Tennis - Half Moon Bay, CA
ICE! = Improvement, Community and Enjoyment!

Community Tennis Activities:

Fit By Tennis - a cardio-oriented workout  (FBT Schedule/Sign-up)
ICE!..."Improvement, Community & Enjoyment!" represents the spirit in which we organize and run this tennis gathering.  

Twice each week we hold a one hour on-court session aimed at fitness improvement using tennis ball machine based drills.  The sessions are currently held on Monday and Wednesday mornings, 9:00 to 10:00 AM, on the HMB HS tennis courts.

Players indicate participation in a session using the online sign-up page reached via the link above.  Please try to sign-up before 8:30 AM on the day of a session.  Players can attend without having signed up; however, it helps to know how many players will be attending.

It is also a good idea to view the sign-up page, before heading out to the court, to check for any announcements posted on at the top of the page (such as cancellation due to weather/court conditions).

There is no fee for participating in this activity.  

Solid ICE! - at HMB HS  (Solid ICE! Schedule/Sign-up)
ICE!..."Improvement, Community & Enjoyment!" represents the spirit in which we organize and run this tennis gathering.  

This particular tennis activity is called "Solid ICE!" in order to emphasize that this is intended as a gathering for "solid" tennis players on the coastside that want to participate in playing tennis with other similarly solid players.  What does that mean?  Well, using USTA player ratings as a reference, we would like to see solid 4.0+ men and 4.5+ level women out on the courts playing competitive tennis together.  Men and women that are genuinely working to get to those levels are also welcome to participate...though they may get assigned to a court for "at level" playing or to a "drills" court.

Rather than limit access to this activity through use of an invitation list, the player level expectation/criteria are being made clear here so that every player knows what this gathering is about and can decide for themselves.  If you want to participate, great, you are welcome to do so...just know ahead of time what you are jumping into in terms of the level of play and engagement.  

We are trying to get this established as an ongoing weekly tennis activity for interested players on the coastside.  We are currently mostly playing multiple rounds of sets through the afternoon with pairings getting switched up from round to round.  There is a "warm-up" period of thirty minutes followed by setting up pairings for competitive sets to be played after the warm-up time.  Note that pairings are subjective and include input from participating players.

We might also use a "Challenge Court" arrangement where players can drop in throughout the afternoon and sign up for sets on a challenge court (losing pair gets replaced by "next in line" after a set is completed); or, in the spirit of "Improvement", we might run a drill court to help drive player development of particular skills or strategy & tactics.  It all gets defined according to who shows up and what the interest is among players.

This tennis gathering is not related to any USTA or Coastside Tennis Association activity and is open to all interested players.  However, this also means that use of tennis courts at HMB HS will be in accordance with posted general public access and use policies.  It is entirely possible that courts will be limited, or even unavailable, on any given occasion...for example, due to other public use of the courts; or, due to court being reserved by HMB HS or Coastside Tennis Association for their tennis activity.  Regardless, We will do the best we can with whatever courts are available each time that we gather to play.

There is no fee for participating in this activity.

Questions, suggestions and requests for information can be submitted by email to: